The Recycling Guy
Serving Atlanta Since 1989
Office and Residential Recycling
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Here's What We Do!

    Since 1989 we have been providing the Atlanta area with extraordinary recycling services.  We pick up weekly!  Start a recycling program in your home or office, it does make a significant difference!  Our recycling programs are complete and easy.  Did you know that approximately 80% of office waste is recyclable paper.  Another 15% is recyclable beverage and food containers.  If it's paper, it's for us.  We accept newspaper, white paper, colored paper, junk mail. cardboard, magazines, brochures, and shredded paper.  We also take recyclable co-mix, which includes plastic beverage and food containers (plastics #1-#6), glass bottles, food jars, as well as, aluminum, tin, and steel cans.
    Recycling is an act of goodwill toward our environment.  Start a recycling program today.  We love our members! We hope you'll join us and many others as we work toward cleaning up our environment for a much greener future. A better way is our direction, this planet's face is our reflection!
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